Steel frames

When it comes to the term steel frames, we can carry out everything from design to assembly of both large and small steel structures.

We work with SS-EN 1090 as a cornerstone of this work and can now offer steel structures up to Class 4 (EXC 4).

We have experience from working with steel frames in different environments, from small carports to the typical large industrial building.

Facade cladding

Within this term, we offer cladding of buildings with the following;

  • Plate sandwich element
  • PREFAB Concrete Elements (Sockets, Sandich Walls, HD / F Flooring)
  • High profile support plate for roof structures
  • Light beam walls with sheet metal

Mechanical installations

HBES can, in collaboration with partners, offer manufacturing, delivery and assembly as well as in specific cases design of mechanical equipment, primarily for the industrial sector.

Examples of equipment we have experience with are;

  • Material pockets of high strength steel
  • Belt conveyors
  • Lifting equipment
  • Material loading / unloading stations

Stainless products

HBES can offer all kinds of products and services in this segment, which you can find below;

  • Industrial railings
  • Water troughs
  • Floodgates
  • Floor tile of stainless steel plate

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